how come everyone is so good at making amazing band edits and all i do is



people need to understand that some people just don’t like talking it has nothing to do with u so don’t take it personally like some people just aren’t talkers and they’ll probably never text u first or initiate a conversation and it’s not because they don’t like u it’s just that they don’t think to say anything bc they’re comfortable with not saying anything


You know what I hate? When people get pissed off when you tell them you don’t want them to touch you. Like excuse me, I don’t actually want you to touch my arm. I don’t want a hug right now. I don’t give a shit if you’re family. I don’t care if the phrase “I don’t want to be touched” puts you off. Just don’t fucking touch me.


I need lavender, sage, rose quartz, and a life time supply of tea and books.



so are we just gonna ignore how chanyeol literally jumped out of his chair when they announced CL as the winner for best dance performance - female solo


he was the first person to stand up and he stood up even before she did lmao

forever 2NE1 fanboy

and t.o.p be like


❝ I got lost in him, and it was the kind of lost that’s exactly like being found. ❞
- Claire LaZebnik  (via taansy)